Ronin Security

Have you been hacked?  Identity stolen? Money stolen due to an account compromise?

Have your bank, email or social accounts been taken over?

Are you being harassed online, or followed in the real world?

Worried your devices know too much about you?

Are you concerned about your personal information?

I am a retired Canadian Intelligence Officer and a digital security practitioner. I can:

  • Train you and your team on operational and personnel security (OPSEC/PERSEC)
  • Protect you, your family and your elderly relatives against phishing, identity fraud and other social engineering
  • Manage your digital footprint and real-life information leakage:
    • Social media account cleanup and/or deletion
    • Smart-device review, cleanup and securing
    • Privacy-oriented solutions for email, phone, messaging, mail, and physical location
    • Personal and location security audits and improvements
    • Account/credential securing and privatization
  • Travel security advice

Please note: It is always easier, cheaper, and more effective to protect yourself before a compromise, than to recover from one. If you have privacy concerns, act now.

I strongly recommend using secure means of communications to contact me. I prefer ProtonMail ( and Wire Messenger ( Both are completely free to the public.

Wire: @adam641

Text or voicemail: 613.627.3018

I answer emails within four hours and voicemails within one business day.