The gift of self-defence

My friends, Christmas is fast approaching. Sad as it is, if you pay attention to the news during the holiday season you’ll notice something. Tragedy is that much more poignant and noticeable. I don’t know if we’re just more sensitive to it or if it’s a real jump in occurrences, but it’s always seemed to me like there are that many more needless deaths on the road, tragic fires and other sad stories at the end of the year.

To boot, in Ottawa, we’re on the receiving end of an outrageous jump in the level of weapon violence. Almost as if Call of Duty and The Notorious B.I.G. co-produced a twisted fantasy and unleashed it on our streets.

Why the melodrama?

Because the violence is here and it’s real. Because “accidents” are never accidents. Because stupid is the new norm, and stupid is dangerous.

You have a loved one. You want to see him or her grow prosper, be happy and achieve his or her potential. You don’t want a freak traffic collision or an argument gone wrong to ruin a life.

Self defence, at least the way I teach it, is a mentality, a way of life, a commitment to personal excellence and lifelong self-control. It’s not just about knowing what to do in a violent situation. That’s about 5% of the intellectual content of the program. Self defence is about understanding your world and all the things that can be threats to you. It’s about heightened awareness, personal responsibility and empowerment.

Yes, he's bigger and stronger. No, she isn't scared! YES! YOU can learn to do this!

Yes, he's bigger and stronger. No, she isn't scared! YES! YOU can learn to do this!


Inside each of us is a desire to feel strong, empowered and unafraid. Some people will be avoiding certain parts of town from now on. Others won’t drive in a snowstorm. Some of you will watch an inappropriately-drunk coworker touch another coworker at the Christmas party and stand by, saying nothing. You don’t lack courage; you lack options. Don’t be that guy.

Your kid doesn’t need another iAnything this Christmas. Dad has enough Lee Valley crap, and mom knows the Winners-Homesense floor plan cold. Maybe you want to think about giving your family the priceless gift of freedom from fear.

Here’s what that priceless gift will cost in dollars:

If you (or your family) sign up before January 31, 2017 for three months, I’ll cut those rates by an additional 20% for your first three months, AND, if one of your family members is between 12-14, I will cut their training fee entirely for the first three months (just one… I’m a generous guy, but I have to pay the rent)!


And here’s a little about what you can expect to learn:

  • Awareness strategies
  • Pre-contact cues to violence
  • Pre-emptive intervention
  • Verbal and non-violent de-escalation
  • Handling multiple attackers
  • Legal and moral elements of force
  • Attacker psychology
  • Adrenal stress habituation scenarios
  • Full-contact simulated attack scenarios
  • Expressing assertiveness and confidence
  • Reading aggressive non-verbal communication
  • Physical skills: striking, kicking, close quarters, ground attacks and weapons



Weekly Classes run at CollabSpace: 70 Bongard Ave., Ottawa, ON

Tuesdays, 7:00 - 8:15 PM | Sundays, 12:00 - 1:15 PM

Join us any time - RSVP for a free class at or 613-627-3018

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