Women’s Self Defense Myths – “Size Doesn’t Matter”

Caveat: This is not a criticism of specific martial arts schools or styles. It’s a criticism of the reliance on mechanical techniques as a one-size-fits-all solution to dynamic, violent assault scenarios. It’s a critique of the practice of not training skills with integrity – against bigger, faster stronger, more aggressive attackers who are geared up to give and receive realistic levels of force. It’s a criticism of a lack of intensity and stress induction in training.

Many self defence schools emerge as a sideline business of existing martial arts dojos. Everyone thinks they can take their particular flavor of TMA and either transpose the techniques or mix and match them into a “mixed martial art”, and this will work against a motivated hostile aggressor.

Whether it’s some sexy “kick him before he gets close” ideology or “nobody has ever beaten this style of ground fighting” nonsense, what all of these systems forget to do is subject their students to realistic attack. What do I mean by that? I mean putting a 120 lb. woman up against a 220 lb. man who’s trying to smash her into the ground. Naturally, this has to be done in a mature, controlled context with total commitment to safe practices and correct equipment. But it has to be done this way. To do otherwise is create a living, breathing lie.

In our Urban Combat Systems class, this is the way we train – the attackers come for you, they don’t stop until you stop them, and there’s no charity. If your technique doesn’t work, you’d better move on quickly to something that does. We are not a sideline, value-added class to round out the dojo’s Wednesday night schedule. This is all I do.

Permit me to address Myth #1: Size Doesn’t Matter in the following video. Otherwise I could write forever (https://youtu.be/vDwU66IhX9U).

Viewer Warning: Graphic Content

The takeaways:

  • Size and strength DO matter. You cannot overpower a more powerful adversary;
  • Technique depends not just on execution, but also physical ability and opportunity. If I take 2 of the 3 away from you, you have nothing;
  • Ruthless aggression and targeted attacks to vulnerable areas are the ONLY factors that dissolve the size and strength advantage. Even at that, you’re in for the fight of your life.

I invite everyone to come try Urban Combat Systems. If you’re a seasoned martial artist and I’ve offended you, please come and test for yourself. We won’t squawk if you bring it to us hard. We’re here to provide realistic education. If you’re new to self defence and want the real deal, join us for two free classes!