Do you TMI on SM? Probably...

Social Media is the way that we communicate today. Despite the convenience, SM is a minefield that will totally explode your privacy and can cause you no end of trouble in your personal and professional life if you’re not cautious and deliberate in how you use it!

UPDATE: #ICYMI - The CTV Segment is here:

Good Practices:

  1. Use impersonal email addresses for each service, and forward them to your main inbox through a privacy provider like Use a different password for each SM site, ESPECIALLY if you use the same handle everywhere.


My 33mail service would be: and it forwards to my real email. Then I'd use forwarding aliases for each SM site:

  1. Twitter: @AdamN, Email:
  2. Instagram: @AdamN, Email:
  3. Etc.

This protects your real email address and makes it harder for your stuff to be hacked by guessing passwords associated with a known email account.

2, If you login to all your SM on a mobile, LOCK YOUR PHONE with a strong password. It’s even better to log out of the platforms after use and lock the phone.

3. TURN OFF YOUR LOCATION SERVICES!!!! Smartphone apps are too smart. Locations are being appended to everything you do. A simple Tweet, Snap or Instagram not only has the “What” – content about you and your interests – but the when and the where. And if your friends like and share, those apps can determine, based on their locations, if they are actually with you at that moment. So SM now also knows who your friends are and how they move in the real world – whether they’re tagged, in the picture, etc., or not.

Basic Tips:

  1. Don’t post pictures of people without their permission and don’t tag without agreement. Make sure your location services are off. They embed location data in your photos and tweets/Instagrams/snaps, etc.

  2. Don’t post pictures of your kids, your car, the inside or outside of your home, or any easily identifiable location you visit. It’s cute, but when your kids are adults and decide for themselves about the level of privacy THEY want, you will have created a traceable, location-enabled, friends-family-location-interests scrapbook for the whole world which reaches back 18 years and is totally undeletable.

Does anyone out there worry about cyber bullying, sexual harassment or interference with their children? Don’t help the bad guys. You wouldn’t announce this stuff on a bus or to a room full of strangers….

3. Check ins, likes, comments, dislikes and even the size and connections on your friends list tell the world EVERYTHING about you. This data is collected and analyzed just as fast as you create it. Before you know it, everyone from Facebook, to the marketing giants to many notorious foreign government agencies are keeping profiles and targeting information at you and your family. You’re not as aware as you think..... so be deliberate about how you disclose your interests and activities.