Your mobile phone: Best friend or frenemy?!?

Your mobile phone knows more about you than your mother does. Over time, it collects enough information to figure out your day to day schedule, who your closest friends are, your likes and dislikes, and even where you’re likely to be at 7 PM next Tuesday!

UPDATE: Here's the segment, in case you missed it!

If you’re going to live the connected lifestyle, there are some simple tips to consider to keep your privacy and safety intact.

Basic Tips:

  1. Create a third-party email address for inessentials – coupons, offers, less important bills, etc. and make it less obvious than your normal email. Use a service that doesn’t track you such as ProtonMail or I recommend NOT using your named, primary email ( to register your device, or to do day to day emails. Google and Apple are tracking and logging EVERYTHING and email is NOT private unless properly encrypted.


  2. Stay off of public Wifi! Data is cheap, and if you do your Instagram, youtube and facebook on your home Wifi, 2 GB/month is more than enough to manage a semi-private email account and occasional data needs. Public Wifi is totally susceptible to attacks where your private data can be stolen, misused and sold.


  3. Always LOCK YOUR PHONE with a strong password. Examples that are difficult to break but easy to remember (spaces can be used now)

    1. A favourite song: L3dZePpeL1N: Ram8Le 0N!: Long, complex, alphanumeric, and easy to recall where number-for-letter subs are made

    2. Pet’s name: I <3 my d0G, ScRUff…

    3. Numeric strings mixed with words: 23-19-22&Go$EnZG0!! (My old gym locker combo + favourite team)

If you can encrypt your phone, do it! The extra seconds at restart are worth it.

Always Remember:

  1. EVERYTHING you do on your phone, especially info which makes it to the Internet, is THERE FOREVER. Period. Keep your phone drama-free. Do not fight by text, send compromising photos, post anything questionable to social media or keep personal info on an unencrypted device. If Grandma found your phone and browsed it, what would she think of her little darling?


  2. Know what your apps are asking you for. Most make inappropriate and unnecessary accesses to your location history, contacts, call and message history and a ton of other hidden metadata that gives a detailed picture of your life and lifestyle.

  3. Delete EVERYTHING you don’t need from the phone’s internal storage after backing up to a trusted computer (NOT TO A CLOUD SERVICE!!) – Pics, emails, messages, documents.


How does a spy do it?

  • I use a phone as a phone – a flip phone.
  • I delete call and text history at the end of the day.
  • I do data and email from a trusted workstation where I have control over access, or a smartphone with Wifi only and limited installed apps.
  • I keep my private life private!

Keep an eye on this blog over the next two weeks for more tips. Next week - using Social Media safely, and the following week, home safety and security!

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