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Ronin offers self defence & fitness training for all levels!


A rōnin (浪人, "drifter" or "wanderer", i.e. "he who drifts/wanders") was a samurai without lord or master during the feudal period (1185–1868) of Japan. A samurai became masterless from the death or fall of his master, or after the loss of his master's favor or privilege. [Source:]

Like the Ronin of Feudal Japan, I once served a master. For many years, I was a spy with Canada's CSIS. After striking out on my own to teach self defence and fitness to the public, I too became masterless - a wanderer, my own master, rōnin.

Personalized Self Defence

We all have something to lose. Stop living in fear! Learn real-world, street-tested self defence skills! You’ll develop confidence, awareness and the skills you need to defend yourself in a variety of situations.

Our training is based on decades of development under stress testing, and all of our concepts and skills have been employed in real-world conflicts with success. Whether you need verbal skills to handle bullies, are dealing with a stalker, or fear acts of violence, I can take you from terrified to terrifying in 12 weeks!



My beginner program includes the following, and more:

  • THE LAW & YOU: What's legal and what's not
  • AWARENESS: What violence looks, sounds and acts like
  • AVOIDANCE & ESCAPE: Get away and stay away from harm
  • DE-ESCALATION: Calming and defusing hostile people
  • BAD GUY MINDSET: How and what attackers think

Fighting Fitness

Getting tired of weights-cardio-stretch-repeat? Need to freshen up your fitness, add some intensity and sweat like it’s going out of style? Join me for a combat-oriented PT! Few athletes are as well conditioned and stress-habituated as fighters.


This program blends the core combative skills of movement, punching, kicking and close quarter strikes with a fat-shredding, conditioning-building blend of full body calisthenics, high-intensity intervals and resistance to carve a body that is strong, powerful and ready for anything, and instill a never-quit warrior spirit! Even when your body wants to quit, your mind will be screaming “I want 50 more! Let’s do this!”

Instruction is by appointment and 1-on-1 or semi-private.

Lessons for children and teens are available!


Contact me at to arrange a meeting and to discuss your goals and training arrangements.


Awesome class! Your instructions, education, and step by step process were superb. Most important you provided a safe environment to conquer fears. 

- S.S.


What a fantastic class and Adam your teaching and abilities are absolutely phenomenal!
- K.L. 


After I left Adam’s class, I (...) I stopped at (a local resaturant). As I was walking up (I realized) I clearly just missed a major altercation.  The vibe was very weird; I was stuck in a strange situation (...) so I stood there waiting for everything to calm down. 

As much as I was a bit frightened and had my back up, I sensed a different air of confidence in myself. I was pretty certain that nothing was going to happen to me, but even if the attention or violence turned at me I felt like I could handle it. You can’t associate a dollar value with gaining an experience like that, so thank you Adam.
- S.V.

You gave us such incredibly valuable tips that I feel so much better prepared than when I stepped in the room tonight.  And I have a confidence in these situations that I didn't have before. For all - this is a MUST DO in life.  Now I'm going to get my friends involved too.  You are a fabulous teacher Adam - easy to see this is a passion of yours.
A WOW session - thanks again, Adam!
- M.S.


Thank you so much for setting up this special class!  It was quite an eye opener for me: I did not expect to feel that adrenaline rush yet feel safe at the same time...
- B.C.


Thank you very much Adam for the class and your fabulous teaching. Exactly like you said, I came out of that room yesterday and I felt a lot different: more calm, confident, and powerful. What I learned yesterday will help me a lot, not only when I'm facing danger, but also for my daily life.
- M.S.

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