About Ronin Training

I am a former spy & private investigator, present-day intelligence and defense consultant, and a life-long self-defense and combat instructor.

I work by personal referral, and provide the following training and consultative services by appointment:

  • Personalized self defense training for individuals, families and groups
  • OPSEC and PERSEC training and consultation
  • Security and privacy consulting
  • "Fresh Start" relocation, disappearance and stalker evasion consulting
  • Workshops on Assertiveness, Confidence, Self Protection and Online Safety

Free speaking and training engagements to community organizations, youth groups and seniors’ groups.

Please contact me directly to arrange an initial consultation:

info@ronintraining.ca | 613.627.3018

Please let me know how you heard about me and how I can help you.

I answer emails within four hours and voicemails within one business day.

If your safety or privacy are under threat, please create a FREE Protonmail.com email address and use it to email me at info@ronintraining.ca.

All of our communications will be securely encrypted and confidential.

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