About Ronin Security

I am a former Canadian Intelligence Officer who provides consultative services to individuals and organizations with concerns around their safety, security, and privacy.

I work primarily by referral, and provide the following services by appointment:

  • Personal Operational Security (OPSEC) training and consultation;
  • Personnel Security (PERSEC) training and consultation;
  • Protection against phishing, vishing and smishing attacks, and other social engineering;
  • Security and privacy consulting: Managing your digital footprint and real-life information leakage;
  • Fresh Start relocation, disappearance and stalker evasion consulting;
  • Location of missing persons, skips and debtors.

Free speaking and training engagements to community organizations, youth groups and seniors’ groups.

Please contact me directly to arrange an initial consultation: info@roninsecurity.ca

Or leave a message: 613.627.3018

Please let me know how you heard about me and how I can help you.

I answer emails within four hours and voicemails within one business day.

If your safety or privacy are under threat, please create a FREE Protonmail.com email address and use it to email me at info@roninsecurity.ca .

All of our communications will be securely encrypted and confidential.

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